Historic Influence

10:04 PM

Left: Detail of Noble Couple by A. van den Tempel, late 17th century.
Right: Alexander McQueen Spring 2007 Ready to Wear.

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  1. Hello! I see you're following my blog so popped over to take a look, and it turns out you're as fanatical about fashion history as me! Nice to meet you.

    It's an interesting comparison you've made: I've read in a lot of places that McQueen was always heavily influenced by history and art, and it's not hard to see how.

    Thanks for this!

  2. Glad you stopped by! I really enjoy your blog, especially the 18th century gift guide you posted recently. I definitely went to Anthropologie after work yesterday and picked up a couple of those marvelous plates!

  3. Thanks Katy! I'm so glad you picked up some of those plates! They are gorgeous. There isn't an Anthropologie store near to me, but I may indulge in some online shopping!

  4. Their hairstyles are awful.
    Sorry, I couldn't resist that. I enjoy your blog very much, though. :)