Historic Influence

11:41 PM

Welcome to a new feature of The Fashion Historian! One of my favorite things to do, and one of my favorite research topics, is finding historic influences in modern haute couture. So every so often I'll put up a picture of couture next to a period image. No lengthy explanations about what the influence is or why it was chosen or the social relevance, I'll just let the images speak for themselves and let you enjoy some beautiful creations.

Left: Fashion plate from 1897, taken from the New York Public Library Digital Gallery.
Right: Dior Fall 2007 haute couture, designed by John Galliano.

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  1. Fashion is also cyclical, no? I remember in the 90s, there was a harking back to the styles of the 60s ... towards Y2K, the 70's and now a lot of inspiration was taken from the 80's, particularly shoes and metallic colours.

    Love your posts, darling ... always teaching me something new that I'm too lazy to find out for myself.

    Thank you!

  2. yes, the fuller figure on the left does more justice to this style.

  3. When I was much younger, I never liked John Galliano because I thought he was a wackjob and largely disgraced the name of the house of Dior. But then I grew up and realized how freaking genius he is. He either knows a hell of a lot more about fashion history than his fellow designers, or just draws a lot more inspiration from it. But either way, he earns tremendous respect from me. His couture shows are always beyond incredible. The endless details in his dresses, most of all, are what couture is all about (in this day and age), imo.

  4. I have lately been looking at a lot of pictures of Galliano's creations, and he appears to be *hugely* influenced by historical fashion. I love his work.

  5. Love this! Looking forward to more posts in this great category! :)