MythBusters: Fashion History Edition

1:12 AM

Unfortunately I am hopeless when it comes to anything related to science, so I can never be a real MythBuster. But I can be a fashion history MythBuster! So I'm reaching out to you, my faithful readers, to give me fashion history myths to bust, confirm, or declare plausible. If you have heard something crazy about fashion history and want to know if it's true, ask away and I will research it and give you an answer! Remember, questions don't just have to be about clothes. They can be about odd hairstyles, wacky accessories, did they really put that on their faces, anything you can think of that has to do with the history of personal appearance!

On the next episode of MythBusters: Fashion History Edition- Did some Victorian women really remove their lower ribs so that they could have tinier waists?

And because no episode of MythBusters is complete without one, here. Have some explosions.

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  1. I'm a huge geek for both the Mythbusters and fashion history so how about this: Noted historian Dr. Kelly de Vries, who quite literally wrote the book on Jeanne d'Arc, once told me that the Saint "... didn't wear underwear." I know Medieval people in general didn't pull on the briefs every morning, but surely there must have been something under that armor. Help me out here, Katy. And great idea for a series of posts!

  2. Thanks! It came to me as most brilliant ideas do, at 1 AM when I was trying to sleep.