5:40 PM

I'm famous!! One of my Wild Party costumes has been featured on the FIDM Museum Blog! Check it out!!


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  1. Katy, I just discovered your blog through the FIDM Blog. It's great -- lots of wonderful info plus some of my fav paintings & gowns in the sidebar. This is a LOT to manage on top of your class schedule, so congratulations!

    BTW --I've added you to the blog roll of my own blog --www.twonerdyhistorygirls.com --where we often talk about historic dress.

  2. So I just spend I don't know how long reading your blog (directed from Facebook )and examining the stunning pictures. This is really fantastic, super interesting, and you are very talented!
    Looking forward to more posts!

  3. Susan- Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm always rather insecure that I'm on the wrong side of the line between interesting to me and interesting to everyone else. And thanks for adding me to your blog roll!

    McKenzie- You totally just made my day. Thanks love!

  4. i just found your blog from the FIDM museum blog, too! i love it already! i'm so excited to have found a new blog to read, since i love fashion history and can't do all the research myself. i added you to my blog roll, too :)

  5. Hi! I read your entire blog & enjoyed every word and picture...all the pictures were great , quite a feast for the eyes -- they're can never be too many! You're very knowledgable, and I'm so impressed that you created this blog -- I'm looking forward to your next post!

    Best of Luck!

    Julia Freifeld

  6. Another one that found you via the fidmmuseum.org! I've put a link to you from my own blog, Catwalk Threads. I loved your tribute to one of my favourite designers, Alexander McQueen. I hadn't seen the Kate Moss image from 2006 so that was great!

    You might be interested to read my own latest article on the reopening of the Gallery of Costume in Manchester, England at http://wp.me/psCQD-mP

    I'm now a dedicated follower of your blog. :)